About Us

Founded in 1972, C.H. Yates Rubber Corp. is a leading manufacturer of molded rubber caster wheelsplastic caster wheels, rubber boat trailer rollers, and plastic boat trailer rollers.  Yates Rubber is a family-owned and operated business spanning three generations of the Yates family.  We are proud to manufacture 100% of our high-quality products in the United States at our factory in Fall River, MA.  Our plant has the capacity to produce large volume, long-run orders, as well as smaller orders and more customized requests on a per case basis.

Over the decades, Yates Rubber has perfected industry-leading extrusion, compression, and injection molding manufacturing processes.  Our engineering solutions include custom compounding of raw material stocks and product development to meet nearly any customer specification.  We mold rubber and plastic products on a white-label basis for our customers, as well as manufacture a line of Yates brand rubber and plastic caster wheels and boat trailer rollers.

Our value proposition to our customers is simple and has stood the test of time.  We are a company devoted to customer service, and we always deliver on our promises.  We manufacture the highest quality rubber and plastic caster wheels and boat rollers available on the market, delivered to our customers just-in-time, priced at a competitive rate.  We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure that at least one member of the Yates family is the primary point of contact for each of our customers.

Our loyal customer base includes the vast majority of caster manufacturers, boat trailer manufacturers and distributors, and other OEMs in North America, serving a variety of industrial and consumer end-market applications, including heavy-duty caster wheels, medium-duty caster wheels, light-duty caster wheels, rubber boat trailer rollers, thermal plastic boat trailer rollers, hand truck wheels, cart wheels, furniture wheels, and many more.

Importantly, our culture of a hard-working family business extends beyond the senior management team and permeates throughout the organization.  Yates Rubber is proud to provide a safe workplace and family environment for our knowledgeable employees.  Our track record of low turnover and long-tenured employees (over 20 years on average) speaks for itself, as well as ensures the continuity of first class standards for generations to come.